September 21, 2018

Does The Home Sale Marketing Program Affect The Seller's Bottom Line? By Heeran Workman

Q:  Does the homes sale marketing plan make a difference to my bottom line?
A:  Absolutely yes.  In a slow real estate market, it's the difference between that seller receiving an offer or expiring out of the multiple listing service (mls).  In a hot market, it's the difference between getting 1 offer or multiple buyers outbidding each other which natually raises the home sales price with more favorable terms for the seller.  Favorable terms could be a cash sale with no financing, buyers waiving certain inspections, buyers waiving home warranties, sellers being able to choose the closing date, and buyers asking for the least amount of closing/escrow costs to be paid by the seller for the buyer side costs.

Q:  If I interview 5 different agents from the same brokerage, will the home marketing program be the same?
A:  No, realtors whether we are talking about Omaha Nebraska or nationwide are mostly independent contractors.  As real estate agents, we pass our licensing exam and then choose a brokerage to "hang" our licenses.  The brokerages may have a certain level of marketing that they provide for their agents, but for the most part, it is up to each individual agent to determine how much time, energy, money and resources that he/she will devote to any individual listing.

Q:  What are some examples of marketing that I may or may not get for my listing?
A:  1.  Basic services typically included are: photos taken by agent's smartphone, listing in the mls system, basic syndication to various real estate websites, and yard sign.

      2.  Premium marketing services may included: professional photography, social media posts, featured listings in various websites like Zillow, virtual tours, interior video walkthroughs, craigslist postings, SEO work on listings, active prospecting to the agent community, call capture systems, digital flyers, single property websites, staging consultations, drone videos, and more.  A small percentage of agents will also hire their own home sale marketing manager to ensure that the highest level of marketing is completed on the listed property.

Q:  If I'm interviewing agents, how will I know what type of marketing will be done on my home?
A:  Ask to see samples and to show you the list of marketing stratgegies that will be completed on your home.  This is the only way to know for sure.

Q:  How does Heeran Workman's marketing plan compare to the average in the industry?
A:  I have always believed in the power of marketing whether the market is good or bad.  I have had countless clients where their property was listed prior to working with me by 1, 2, and as many as 4 different agents.  After implementing my marketing plan, they were able to sell their homes.  To read some of these testimonials, CLICK HERE.  Sellers invest their heart and soul into their homes and always want to walk away with the most amount of money as possible.  My way of investing in my clients is to implement the most aggressive home marketing program on their behalf.  To see samples of my marketing plan, call for a complimentary consultation 402-318-SOLD (7653).

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By: : Heeran Workman, MBA, Realtor - REMAX  Omaha NE Real Estate

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