November 29, 2018

How To Get Your House Ready For Winter Time Selling


1.  Keep the walkways and driveways cleared of ice and snow-If people can't easily get to the door, they will not want to go in.  Slipping on ice and falling is never a fun situation for anyone.

2.  Stage the home to make it warm and inviting-For example, place a cozy throw over a chair and turn the fireplace on.  Make sure you raise the thermostat up.  If the buyers' teeth are chattering while touring the home, it's not a good thing.

3.  Try to encourage showings during daylight hours- It gets too dark, too fast.  Make sure you have lighting, especially outside lighting on so that buyers can get a good look.

4.  Nice aroma never hurts- The smell of warm cookies or cinnamon rolls bring nothing but good memories this time of year.

5.  Place a "Thank You For Removing Your Shoes" sign on your door.  Buyers and buyer's agents should use common sense to do this anyways, but they don't always do that.  Heeran's Home Team will place a sign on the door for you.

6.  Spring, summer, fall, or winter, utilize other common sense rules to get the house ready for showings - For example, no smoking inside the house, de-clutter, put away personalized photos, clean the home, kennel pets during showings, and remove pet odor smell.

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    By: Heeran Workman, MBA, Realtor - REMAX The Producers Omaha NE Real Estate

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